Jesus taught that the Bible isn’t a collection of disconnected stories but one story pointing to him (Luke 24:27). When we read it as a unified story, it allows us to see major themes running through redemptive history, to understand their significance, and to apply them to our context today. This 13 week course will examine trajectories including covenant, temple, prophet, priest, king, creation, and many others.  Click here to enroll in the course as part of our School of Discipleship.


Session 1: An Introduction To A Redemptive-Historical Interpretation of the Bible

Session 1 Audio


Session 2: Law and Gospel

Session 2 Audio 


Session 3: Temple Presence

Session 3 Audio 


Session 4: The Image of God

Session 4 Audio 


Session 5: The Passover/Lord's Supper

Session 5 Audio


Session 6: Creation/New Creation

Session 6 Audio


Session 7: Circumcision to Baptism

Session 7 Audio


Session 8: The Day of the LORD

Session 8 Audio


Session 9: Benediction

Session 9 Audio