Church History I

2015 2009

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History Introduction, Theology Introduction, Listen to audio here.
(social backdrop, transition from NT times, state of the church report [what does it look like, etc.]) (Chadwick, Chapters 1 and 2);Plato, Aristotle, Stoics, Epicureans, etc. (Kelly pp. 14-20)

History: Roman attitudes towards Christians and Christian responses, martyrdom, Listen to audio here.
(Pliny, Ignatius, Justin Martyr) (Chadwick, Chapters 3 and 4)

Theology: Irenaeus & the Gnostic challenge, Listen to audio here.
(Kelly pp. 22-28, 35-41, 104-108, 170-174)

History: Montanus and canonization/growth of Christianity, Listen to audio here.
(Tertullian) (Kelly, Chapters 5 and 6)

Theology: Modalism and systematic theology, Listen to audio here.
(Sabellius, Origen) (Kelly pp. 119-123, 126-136, 469-474)

History: Lapsist controversy, Listen to audio here.
(Chadwick, Chapter 7)

History: Nicea-Constantinople, Listen to audio here.
(Eusebius, Constantine) (Chadwick, Chapters 8 and 9)

Theology: Nicea-Constantinople, Listen to audio here.
(Arianism [Cappodocians]) (Kelly, pp. 226-237, 252-269, 281-295)

Theology: Ephesus, Listen to audio here.
(Nestorianism and Appollonarianism) (Kelly, pp. 310-317)

History: Ephesus, Listen to audio here.
(Augustine) (Chadwick, Chapters 10 and 15)

Theology: Ephesus, Listen to audio here.
(Pelagianism and Augustine) (Kelly, pp. 353-372)

History: Monasticism, Listen to audio here.
(Chadwick, Chapters 11and 12)

Theology: Neo-Platonism, Listen to audio here.
(Kelly, pp. 20-22)

History: Chalcedon, Listen to audio here.
(Development of the Papacy, Leo I [Tome]) (Chadwick, Chapters 13, 14 and 16)

Theology: Chalcedon, Listen to audio here.
(Cyril of Alexandria, Eutychianism) (Kelly, pp. 317-343)

History Conclusion: Medieval trajectories, Listen to audio here.
(Chadwick, Chapters 17 and 18), Junius testimony listen here.

Theology Conclusion: Christological trends




Turning Points (Church History I 2015)