Send your testimonies of how you see God at work during this time to Annie.


"I have been part of the core admin team that has by God's grace and power launched a prayer hotline to support Christian health workers in the New Haven area. This all began with me sitting on my couch one day, feeling very tempted to turn away from all of the suffering of the pandemic but feeling very strongly compelled by the Spirit: "don't turn away." After that I texted a Christian doctor and former spiritual mentor who had been sharing about the many difficulties she's been facing on Facebook, just to say that God had laid on my heart not to turn away, and that I was thinking of her and praying for her. She eventually responded saying that it would be great to have a support line for Christian health workers in this time. I believed that God was calling me to be a part of this, but had no idea how. Over the next few days, God worked through seeming "guesses" as to who to contact and seeming "coincidental" run ins with certain roommates, and, long story short, we were up and running with a public health student specializing in emergency management and a prayer minister from Elm City Vineyard as a part of our core team! Fast forward a few weeks: The phone line is live 24/7, comprised of volunteers from local churches, and we are getting the word out to more and more hospitals and communities of which Christian healthcare workers are a part. I kind of can't believe that God chose me to be a part of this. All I did was admit to Him my sin and my brokenness that day on the couch: "God, I really don't want to face this. I just want to isolate and have a leisurely quarantine." This whole thing is a testimony to God's power in our weakness and to His faithfulness, and to the essentialness of each member of the Body working together to accomplish His purpose. It's been amazing to see how God has provided and orchestrated every step along the way- how He prepared things just right and put certain things already in place. Amazing indeed! :)" Jane Meditz

"I would love to share about how God has provided an opportunity to support the Tacouri family over the last three and a half weeks. They are an immigrant family whose child attends my school. I have been following up with them during distance learning. Three and a half weeks ago I learned that both the father and mother were infected with covid-19. Mr. T (the father) was extremely concerned (in tears on the phone) about his 6 yr old getting infected as they rent and live in one bedroom of a three bedroom apartment with other families. They had to self-quarantine in that one room to try to avoid exposing the two other families they live in very close quarters with. God allowed Pete and I to supply them with groceries, medicine, remedies and even some Easter treats for my student as they were fighting to get well. I was also able to offer prayer and encouragement from God’s word as we communicated a few times per week during their struggle. Praise God both parents seem to be over this virus since last Sunday and their 6 yr old has not yet shown any signs of sickness. Please continue to lift them up in prayer as I also learned recently that Mrs. T is expecting. Mostly pray for continued opportunities to share the gospel to this Spanish speaking family who are here alone and trying to make a life for themselves in the midst of this pandemic and without an income." Patty Chuchta

"My family has opened up to my sharing the Gospel and weekly I am doing Sunday School lessons for them on Zoom. I attended this year’s CPC Compline Good Friday service which had in it a very compelling confession. I sent the entire bulletin to my family before Easter. My family is bringing groceries to me so I don’t have to go out. My neighbor is a doctor and has many serious issues to deal with daily. Once a week we listen to each other’s needs and pray together on the phone. The Coronavirus has changed the complexion of life. I have new eyes to see the marvelous grace of salvation purchased by our Lord. I have a Chinese high school student staying with me from China. She claims she is an atheist. We get along well and she observes me dealing with events. I told her “we cannot let circumstances bully us.” In the purest sense only a child of Christ can say that. All things are working together for good." Elena Gerard

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