Wednesday Night School of Discipleship Winter/Spring 2021

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Every Wednesday until March 25, 2021

6:45pm – 7:45pm

Class will meet in person in the Fellowship Hall and via zoom at 6:45pm ( 

1/13 - 2/3 (4 classes) | Convocation on Racial Reconciliation: Our Wednesday Night School of Discipleship will kick-off in 2021 with a four week convocation on racial reconciliation (1/13-2/3). 

  • Session 1 | Conversation with Rev. Tolivar Wills: The Experiences and Perspectives of an African-American Pastor in the Heart of Downtown Atlanta
  • Session 2 | Conversation with Rev. Daniel Jang: The Experiences and Perspectives of an Asian-American Pastor in Stamford, CT
  • Session 3 | Racial Reconciliation Explored Part 1: A Biblical Overview Applied with Discussion of John Perkins’ “Lament, Confession, and Forgiveness” from One Blood 
  • Session 4 | Racial Reconciliation Explored Part 2: A Biblical Overview Applied with Discussion of John Perkins’ “Courage, Prayer, and Love” from One Blood

2/10 - 3/24 (7 classes) | Bringing ALL of Our Emotions to God: How should my feelings and emotions impact my faith? Does God care about them or should we ignore them? Are certain feelings more God-like than others? We’ll be addressing these questions and more, based on the wonderful book "The Cry of the Soul: How our Emotions Reveal our Deepest Questions about God," by Dan Allender and Tremper Longman. Utilizing movie clips, real-life dramatic scenes, and other multimedia as examples of emotional expressions, we’ll be looking at the righteous and unrighteous versions of six main emotions that the authors identify - anger, fear, jealousy, despair, contempt, and shame. This is a new and exciting class that could transform your relationship with God and others as we grapple with the all-important topics of emotional understanding and expression.

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