The Shepherd Leaders are inviting all of us to pray and fast for the pastoral search process during the month of February 2023. Similar to the early church (Acts 13:2-3, 14:22-3), we want to pray for God’s mercy and will upon the transition in our church. This season will also, God willing, be a time where we all draw closer to Him in holiness as the Spirit weans us from the comforts and idolatries of the world. We’re choosing from two options: 

  • Option 1: Traditional fast from all food on Fridays in February.
  • Option 2: Alternative fast throughout the month of February, fasting from something you spend a lot of time, money, energy or focus on. (This is especially for those of us for whom it would be physically dangerous or unwise to fast from all food. Examples include: social media, alcohol, TV, Netflix, watching sports, eating certain foods or drinks, etc.). 

We will conclude this season of prayer and fasting with a service of prayer Sunday Feb. 26 after lunch.