Assistant Pastor

Jefferson was raised by actors. The theater was his second home, the cast members were like family, but there was always something off. The stage was too big, the applause too fickle and the audience too distant. So when his mom took a part-time job as a music director at a small local church, his world began to change. This too was a theater with a stage and actors, but no one was performing for applause or recognition. In fact, they weren't performing for each other at all. They had their minds and hearts fixed on the transcendent, the eternal Son of God. And the pastor of this church, a towering, winsome Lebanese man who was fearless in the pulpit was also always warm and kind in person. Jefferson recalls thinking at the age of five, "if Jesus is anything like this pastor, I want to know Jesus." Fast forward 13 years, and many failures and losses later, he hit his knees and submitted his life to the Christ of the Gospels during his senior year of high school.

Jefferson has been married to his loving and faithful high-school sweetheart, Andrea, since 2008 and together they have three children: Elizabeth Joy (2014), August Menzies (2017) and Elinor Joy (2020). He received a B.S. in Music Ministry from Atlanta Christian College in 2008 and a Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary in 2019 before relocating to New Haven in 2020.

In his spare time you'll find Jefferson laughing with his wife, playing with his kids, songwriting, playing board games, enjoying films, drinking coffee, or daydreaming about the future. And in all things thanking God for his immeasurable love and kindness in Christ Jesus, his Son.