"The Christ of History: The Early Church and the Kingdom of God" is taught by Professor John Roney, this course explores how the early church discovered their place in the Kingdom of God, from their Jewish roots and the Law, the meaning of Jesus Christ’s life, ministry, death, and resurrection, as well as God’s revelation in history and nature. This study will show the early Christian’s experience in their many writings, art and architecture, interaction with a variety of pagans in the Roman Empire, and ecumenical gatherings with Christians from a variety of cultures. 


*Due to COVID-19 our Wednesday Night School of Discipleship will be cancelled until further notice. Check here for other updates.*

6pm: Dinner | 6:30pm: Course and Kid's Club |1/15 - 4/8 (no class 2/5, 3/4, 4/1) 


(1/15) Lesson 1: Introduction/History of Middle East

(1/22) Lesson 2: Jesus of Nazareth

(1/29) Lesson 3: Early Christianity First Years

(2/05) No Class

(2/12) Lesson 4: The Spread of Christianity

(2/19) Lesson 5: Introduction to the Early Church

(2/26) Lesson 6: Christianity in the Roman Empire

(3/11) Lesson 7: Augustine and Early Medieval Church