Based on the book of the same title, by acclaimed Calvin College professor James KA Smith, we will be taking a broader look at how our hearts and minds are shaped by our experiences, rather than assuming that we grow only by forcing the right theology into us. Do you ever wonder why you can “know” the right content or right decision, but have a hard time following through? Do you worry how the consumer culture that surrounds us every day may impact your faith and relationship with God? God wants to do more with us than get us to believe with our heads the right doctrines, He is making our whole beings new, giving us new hearts, that we may love what God loves. In a church that (rightly) loves theology, this will be an exciting opportunity to consider how we are more than just thinkers, but worshippers and lovers. The more aware we become of the things/places/people we unconsciously worship and love, the more discerning Christians we become, navigating through all the idols that compete for our heart’s affections. Click here to enroll as part of our School of Discipleship!


Class 1 - You are What You Love: To Worship is Human

Class 2 - Learning to Read Secular Liturgies

Class 3The Spirit Meets You Where You Are: Historic Worship for a Postmodern Age

Class 4The Spirit Meets You Where You Are: Historic Worship for a Postmodern Age, part 2

Class 5 - What Story are You In? The Narrative Arc of Formative Christian Worship

Class 6 - The Liturgies of Home

Class 7 - Teach Your Children Well

Class 8 - You Make What You Want

Class 9 - Applying You Are What You Love to Bible as Revelation

Class 10 - Applying You Are What You Love to Doctrine of Sin