Session 1 (c.f. Friday Video starting at beginning, Podcast Episode)

  •  Introductions 
  • “Our Story” 

Session 2: (c.f. Friday Video starting at 32 min., Podcast Episode)  

  • Our Identity: What The Church Is By Nature

Session 3: (c.f. Friday Video starting at 1:18 min, Podcast Episode)

  • Our Mission: Christ’s Commissions To the Church
  • Our Strategy

Session 4: (c.f. Saturday Video starting at beginning, Podcast Episode

  • Our Family Tree 
  • Presbyterianism 

Session 5: (c.f. Saturday Video starting at 1:44, Podcast Episode)

  • Is Membership Biblical? 
  • Five Vows of Membership 
  • Our Ministry MAP 
  • Process For Joining (c.f. Slides)