Mission Anabaino

Mission Anabaino (MA) is a collaborating network of church planters, affiliate church planters and pastors, mission sites and staff who committed to an exploration of a Total Christ missional ecclesiology and ecumenism.  Our goal is twofold:

Our first goal is related to MA as a church planting network committed to planting at least ten New Haven area churches and ten global strategic site churches in ten years. As a church planting network, MA functions as Christ Presbyterian Church, New Haven’s primary body for defining and executing church planting strategy; encouraging, coaching and supporting planters; recruiting, assessing and developing interns; fostering a church planting culture; and cultivating and allocating financial and other resources toward church planting. MA researches and identifies prospective church plant sites, generates and disseminates church planting research and best practices, and builds collegial relationships among church planters with outside entities, networks, and partners. MA is funded by a $3.5 million mission fund for use as venture capital that will be coupled with additional outside donations to specific church planting projects, and micro-enterprise empowerment initiatives that are specific to church based efforts and opportunities.  Our strategy is to plant 10 local churches in Southern CT and 10 global church planting movements, in 10 years!

Our second goal extends beyond any local church or particular denomination in the formation of an ecumenical collaborative in missional ecclesiology. MA hosts monthly local collaboratives and one global collaborative annually under a Total Christ vision.


Read more about joining our Church Planting Movement in this brochure.