Current Training and Discipleship



Proverbs Bible Study (9/15-11/3): The Book of Proverbs offers timeless biblical wisdom for all parts of our practical life. It is also a book that can be difficult to interpret, with poetic style and ancient imagery. Join us this fall as we engage the many real-life virtues that Proverbs teaches, gathered in age-specific groups meant to build relationships and foster deeper discussion.

The World Upside Down (11/10-12/15): Have you ever wondered why our world and church seem so much different from the time of the New Testament? In this exciting study, we will explore the radical life of the early church through the book of Acts, as they took the gospel message and the presence of Christ throughout the Roman Empire. Surely to be challenging, encouraging, and comforting for today’s Christian life, we will follow in the footsteps of the apostles who “turned the world upside down" and reference the book of the same name by C. Kavin Rowe. Click here for the course page and to sign-up!



6pm: Dinner | 6:30pm: Classes and Kid's Club | 9/18-11/20 | NO class 10/2 and 10/30

Bible Interpretation: The Reliability and Usability of The Christian Scriptures In Our Present Age (9/18-11/20): An introduction to reading, understanding, and applying scripture. This is a very important course we only teach every 5 or so years, especially for key leaders and teachers.  Click here for the course page and to sign-up!

Sonship (9/18-11/20): Many of us understand faith intellectually, but our hearts have not quite kept up with our heads. Sonship is a course designed to help Christians experience the gospel and its implications for our identity as a child of God. Click here for the course page and to sign-up!



Confessional Theology: Rather than doing theology from scratch, we utilize the rich tradition of interpretation found throughout church history and expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith. This course involves readings, online videos, and small group discussion, and is offered based on the availability of those who express interest in participating. Click here to let us know you are interested in forming a group!