Current Training and Discipleship



Spiritual Gifts in the Life of the Church (1/12 - 3/22): In an age of experts it can be hard to feel necessary or useful; and in an age of entertainment, it can be tempting to sit back and let others do the work. This class will explore all the ways you were created (and re-created in Christ!) to bless the body of Christ and receive blessings from others. Back by popular demand, we will explore this topic in demographic groups! Click here for the course page and to sign-up.

“Every believer has been assigned by the Holy Spirit to specific positions and activities of service, small and large, short-term and long-term. These ministry assignments have been given by the Holy Spirit to individual believers and, in turn, these individuals in their ministries have been given as gifts to the church. God deeply desires that his glory be declared to the world through the community he has brought together by his grace, a community that Paul often refers to as the body of Christ.” - Kenneth Berding

The Gospel Comes with a House Key (3/29 - 5/17): As the title hints at, this study will follow the book that wonderfully and winsomely explains how Christians can truly practice hospitality without having the perfect house, the perfect meal, or the perfect life, utilizing Rosaria Butterfield's book "The Gospel Comes with a House Key." Embedded in the gospel itself is the call to evangelize and build community, and we will explore how acclaimed author Rosaria Butterfield encourages us to reach out to those around us in the way Jesus would have us. Practical, yet challenging, this study will hopefully work to transform our homes and neighborhoods.



6pm: Dinner | 6:30pm: Course and Kid's Club | 1/15 - 4/15 (no class 2/5, 3/4, 4/1) 

The Christ of History: The Early Church and the Kingdom of GodTaught by Professor John Roney, this course explores how the early church discovered their place in the Kingdom of God, from their Jewish roots and the Law, the meaning of Jesus Christ’s life, ministry, death, and resurrection, as well as God’s revelation in history and nature. This study will show the early Christian’s experience in their many writings, art and architecture, interaction with a variety of pagans in the Roman Empire, and ecumenical gatherings with Christians from a variety of cultures. Click here for the course page and to sign-up!



Not only will we get to mingle with our congregations in Wallingford, Fairfield, the Hill, and Milford, but we will tackle a topic that God calls us all into, and yet is always a great need in CT. From apologetics to ecclesial evangelism and hospitality, we will explore how the radical and explosive news of the gospel ought to compel us to be in the world and for the world. This event will take place at CPC Fairfield (3160 Park Ave., Bridgeport) and is $30 per person. If you need financial assistance, use code CPCNHV at registration and type in the scholarship amount requested.  Childcare will be provided as needed, to register your kids email AnnieTo sign-up for the event click here.



Confessional Theology: Rather than doing theology from scratch, we utilize the rich tradition of interpretation found throughout church history and expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith. This course involves readings, online videos, and small group discussion, and is offered based on the availability of those who express interest in participating. Click here to let us know you are interested in forming a group!