Senior Pastor

Craig was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, and was brought up in the Jewish faith through high school. In college - at Indiana University - he began asking deeper, more existential questions about purpose, meaning, and the existence of God. At the start of Sophomore year he committed his life to Christ and was willing to surrender everything behind the glory of Christ. In hopes of pursuing an academic career, he attended Yale Divinity School, completing a MDiv in 2008. God drew him to Christ Presbyterian Church and eventually to the ministry through CPC, where he also began work with Athletes in Action at Yale, a sports ministry for undergrad student-athletes. Craig completed a ThM in 2014 at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Biblical Theology.

His primary responsibilities include serving as University Pastor for the college and graduate students at CPC. He also serves as coordinator for Athletes in Action at Yale University.

Craig has three kids - Charlotte, 10; Julian, 8; and Eli, 5 - from a previous marriage. He and Allison were married in 2021. 

Craig was a semi-professional cyclist before pursuing the ministry and always seeks more ways to merge his two loves as much as he can - discussing a good book on a good ride.

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