Our youth ministry at CPC is the capstone of our broader children's ministry, and targets both junior and senior high. We have many various goings-on throughout the year, but here are some of the offerings we have for our youth: 


“Crossroads” is our bi-monthly youth gathering on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. On the 2nd Sunday we meet in the Fellowship Hall at CPC. On the 4th Sunday we meet at the home of one of the youths. Each meeting has a shared meal, fun games, and music. During the summer and fall months, outdoor activities such as playing at a nearby park or swimming in the pool are activities to be enjoyed. These meetings will take place from 1-4pm.

Sunday School

CPC's Sunday School program goes from preschool through graduation. Our goal is to partner with parents in the Christian discipleship of their kids, in order that
our kids ultimately embrace the gospel of grace for themselves.


“Ask an Elder”

Periodically, we will invite an elder of CPC to join us in Sunday school, where the kids will have the opportunity to get to know them better and ask them questions. Kids will be encouraged to ask anything ranging from the elder’s personal background and testimony, to questions of theology, and anything in between.

Theology Camp

For one week each summer - we set aside time to dig deep into the Bible and tackle issues of faith, such as apologetics, theology and church history.

One-On-One Discipleship

Beyond our calendar events, we seek to schedule one-on-one time with students for discipleship. This takes the form of going out for lunch, ice cream, or anything that gives us an opportunity to deepen relationships and minister to the students' needs.

For any inquiries regarding our youth ministry, contact Jerry Ornelas