Our youth ministry at CPC is the capstone of our broader children's ministry, and targets both junior and senior high. We have many various goings-on throughout the year, but here are some of the offerings we have for our youth:



“Crossroads” is our monthly youth group meeting for both junior and senior high, in partnership with Christ the Shepherd Church in Danbury, and Christ Community Presbyterian Church in West Hartford. Each meeting has a shared meal, fun “mixers” and games, music, a short talk, discussion groups, and time for fellowship and relationship-building. Meetings take place on the final Sunday of each month, from 5:00pm until around 7:00pm, generally at the building of Christ Presbyterian Church.


Sunday School

CPC's Sunday School program goes from preschool through high school graduation. In addition to study, one component of our Sunday School is the opportunity for students to ask anonymous questions (via our suggestion box), where we can then have a biblically and theologically-informed discussion on any given subject of interest. Our goal is to partner with parents in the Christian discipleship of their kids, in order that our kids ultimately embrace the gospel of grace for themselves.



“Ask an Elder”

Periodically, we will invite an elder of CPC to join us as a guest in Sunday School. Elders will share about their testimony, talk about how they see their faith coming to bear on their life and vocation, and more. It's a great opportunity for the kids to get to know their elders better, experience another Christian voice and perspective in their lives, learn what it's like to go through church membership if interested, and more!


Student Partnership

The Student Partnership is a ministry where our CPC college students can be a “big brother” or “big sister” to our youth, and be another voice of discipleship in their lives. Families of youth are involved as well, and are encouraged “adopt” the undergraduate student and spend time with them or share a meal with them at least twice over the course of a semester.


Young Life Partnership

We are thrilled to be partnered with the amazing youth outreach ministry Young Life! Young Life provides an easy and accessible way for our kids to reach out to their non-Christian friends with their faith. Part of this partnership includes the invitation to attend world-renowned Young Life retreats and camps throughout the year! This includes a Winter Retreat weekend in December, summer camp, as well as other exciting opportunities. Young Life is also a great ministry even for "church kids," as they are learning to adopt the Christian faith for themselves.



Summer Camp

We have two different summer camp opportunities available for our youth. One is through our partnership with Young Life, and is a fun-filled, gospel-centered camp, where kids are encouraged to put Christ at the center of their lives. Our other opportunity is CPC's Theology Camp, which is more of a classroom setting where we can carve time out of summer days to dig deep into the Bible, church history, theology, philosophy, and more!


One-On-One Discipleship

Above and beyond our calendar events, we also schedule time where we can meet with kids individually for one-on-one discipleship. This can take the form of going out for ice cream, grabbing a meal, etc. Ultimately it provides an opportunity to deepen relationships and minister to individual pastoral concerns and needs.


For any inquiries regarding our youth ministry, contact Aaron Rathbun