"Perhaps one of the most exhilarating, if not also challenging, things about being a pastor in a college town like New Haven is the opportunity to engage questions. I really do love questions, and have cherished the opportunity to journey with those who have them. I am convinced that there is a kind of doubting that leads to faith, even if true faith coupled with honesty will inevitably lead to more doubts-- and the journey continues! Yes, I do believe that there are answers. But I also believe in mystery and even embrace it in that mystery itself makes perfect sense to me if there is a God. And so I suspect that the following answers will not perfectly satisfy you-- they certainly don't perfectly satisfy me! But then again, I am not looking for some rationalistic certainty anyway, or the absence of mystery, before I can believe and act on God. What I am looking for is enough reason to satisfy my faith, as faith itself is a disposition that I find in myself, albeit wanting reasonability. Finally, each of the following question and answers are from actual conversations I have had in the past year or so with people on a journey to faith. There are many more however and hopefully I will be get them posted as time allows."

-Rev. Preston Graham Jr.