Executive Director of Mission Anabaino

Preston was raised in Atlanta, GA. After graduating from the University of Georgia, and a brief stint in business, he served seven years in campus ministry (four as Campus Director) and five years as the project director of an inner city ministry in Atlanta.

Transitioning to the north, Preston received his M. Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and started a campus ministry at Gordon College. After serving as interim pastor at a church in Boston for a year, he relocated to New Haven CT where he received a S.T.M degree from Yale University in American Religous History.  

While still a student at Yale, Preston taught confessional theology to a group of young professionals and graduate students. Little did he know that God’s providence would call upon him to plant a church in New Haven shortly after graduation. Since then Rev. Graham has served the Yale-New Haven community for 26 years and leads the development of a multi-congregational movement of church planting in Greater New Haven.

In 2011, Preston with CPC founded Mission Anabaino (MA). MA is a church planting network and collaboraive whose mission is to  plant churches in locations where Christ’s Five Mark, Total Christ. presence is not geographically or culturally accessible.   The intitial goal was "10--10-10" (10 churches locally, 10 churches globally, in 10- years).  To date, MA planted 14 mission churches globally and 6 churches locally, in 8 years.  

Preston has served as an adjunct and guest lecuturer at Gordon Conwel Theological Seminaryl and the Yale School of Divinity. His other interests include dog training, boating and spending time in the Adirondack (Upstate, NY) with family and friends. Preston and his wife Lisa reside in the Westville village of New Haven, CT and have three children, Stephen, Nathan, and Anna.


  • Pittsburg Theological Seminary & Aberdeen University, D. Min., Thesis: Totus Christus For The Total Church: In Search For Holistic Christian Spirituality and Church Practice
  • Yale University, S.T.M. American Religious History
  • Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (South Hamilton, MA), M.Div.
  • University of Georgia, B.S. Psychology

 Select Publications

  • A Kingdom Not Of This World: Stuart Robinson’s Struggle to Distinguish the Sacred from the Secular During the American Civil War (Mercer University Press, 2002)
  • “A Sacramental Theology of the Gospel: Rediscovering the Saving Presence of God in the Church,” The Assembling Ourselves Together (WPC Books, 2005)
  • “To Join or Not To Join? The Calling of Church Membership,” Modern Reformation (May/June 1999 Vol: 8, 3)
  • The Church Question: Is The Church Essential For the Gospel? (CPC Publications, 1997)
  • A Baptism That Saves (CPC Publications, 1999)
  • “Why Mission Anabaino?” Vision Anabaino, September, 2011)
  • “Gospel Centered Empowerment,” Vision Anabaino (Issue 2, September, 2012)
  • The Mystery and Manners of Sacraments: Reconstructing the Spiritual Relation between the Signs and the Things Signified in Vision Anabaino (June 2013)
  • Contact him at (203) 777-6960 or by email.

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