Sacred Music

Worship (v) Music or Worship (adj) Music


Worship Leader

At CPC we love music and believe music to be an integral part of the worship of God. The primary purpose of the music team is to accompany and direct the congregation (the primary voice) in the worship and celebration of God, giving him glory, which is due His name. Our vision at CPC is that we desire to blend the best of the Christian hymnody tradition with more contemporary (i.e. culturally/vernacularly relevant), theologically sound songs. Our congregation represents a wonderfully diverse group of Christians with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. We use a variety of instruments for different songs as the instrument helps to convey the meaning of the text and mood of the music.

The Music Team is always looking for talented musicians who desire to serve the body of Christ with their instruments and/or voices. We will find a way to use nearly any instrument in our worship and/or special services. Please note, we are not looking for virtuoso performers, just competent musicians with a desire to support and accompany the congregation in our worship of God.


For our worship service, the musicians meet at 9:00am on Sunday mornings, one hour before the worship service, to rehearse. Other rehearsals may be scheduled throughout the year, such as for special services (i.e. Christmas Service and Good Friday). Since our rehearsal time is limited, Music Team members should be proficient on their instruments/voice, able to assimilate music quickly and able to read music from scores and lead sheets, but need not be professionals or even conservatory students. If you are interested in or have questions about serving on our music team please contact Emily Boyer or Trevor Babb.